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Preschool Friendly Websites


This website was created by NCCSE occupational therapists.  It gives fine motor and sensory activities, as well as, links to other great sites for preschool and kindergarten parents.

The Dotolearn website contains games, songs, communication cards, print resources and information for special needs students. 

The Literacy Center website provides letter, number, color, shapes, writing, and keyboarding activities for preschoolers.

The Yahooligans site has videos, movies, songs, and games for children of all ages.

The Uncle Fred site provides step by step instructions for drawing pictures.

The Scholastic website has games, stories, printable activities, and videos.

This Nick Jr. site provides preschool games, printable activities, and preschool craft ideas.

This Family Education site has seasonal activities and printable activities for preschoolers.

The Big Green Rabbit site has really nicely done animated educational videos, which are musical, educational, and visually interesting. 

The PBS Kids site is a wonderful website for special interests and education.  There is a link to virtually every PBS kids show available. 

The Activity Pad site offers fun printable activities for preschoolers, including coloring pages, mazes, connect-the-dots, matching games, and cutting & gluing activities.

The Love to Know site offers links to hundreds of websites with printable activities, as well as, kids’ activities, kids cooking and recipes, and kids TV, songs and movies.

The Enchanted Learning site boasts an impressive 19,000 pages of fun and educational content.  The site offers printable activities for all ages including preschool students.

This Disney website offers preschool activities such as videos, games, music, computer activities, printable coloring pages and cooking and craft ideas.

This website offers ABC booklets, colors, shapes, letters, numbers, and flash card activities.

The Crayola site offers coloring pages (letters, numbers, shapes, etc.), basic worksheets and craft projects.

This Preschool learners website offers 400 free workshops covering topics such as handwriting, pre-math, English, nursery rhymes, beginning map skills, social studies, health, and songs.