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Dress Code

Recommended Guidelines for School Dress

Students shall dress appropriately for school.  Inappropriate apparel includes clothing which compromises 

safety or which is disruptive and/or distracting to the school environment and instructional process.  Some 

examples of inappropriate and disruptive apparel are clothing containing offensive or obscene symbols, 

signs, slogans or words degrading any gender, cultural, religious or ethnic values; clothing containing 

language or symbols promoting or glorifying violence, sex, drugs, alcohol or tobacco; or clothing which is 

gang related. 


The elementary schools in Carlsbad Unified School District believe that appropriate dress and grooming 

contribute to a productive learning environment.  Students have the right to make individual choices from a 

wide range of clothing and grooming styles.  However, popular trends in clothing styles and fashion are not 

always compatible with appropriate dress for school.   


For safety reasons appropriate footwear should be worn at all times.  The following are unsafe for many 

classroom activities, recess and/or P.E. activities:   

Platform shoes  

Open-toed shoes 

Sandals and flip-flops 

Backless shoes 

Shoes with cleats or built-in rollers 


For girls, the following are not appropriate for school: 

Tops with bare midriffs, crop tops, halter tops, strapless tops or spaghetti straps 

Short shorts 

Ultra-sheer see-through clothing 


For boys, the following are not appropriate for school: 

Pants worn well below the waistline 


For all students, the following are not appropriate for school: 

Exposed undergarments 

Caps and hats worn indoors 



Bandanas, chains, and clothes affiliated with any group are not permitted 

Cosmetics may not be worn or brought to school 

Hairstyle and color must not be disruptive or distracting 

Clothes must be of proper fit and repair