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Educational Programs

PTA funds P.E. Teachers

Each week, all students are engaged in P.E. sessions incorporating sports and activities that are fun, challenging, and that keep them in motion and working together.  The BV PTA sponsors two forty-minute lessons for each 4-5 grade class per week, one per week in kindergarten through third grades.  Our Buena Vista physical education program strives to improve students' physical fitness, coordination and sportsmanship, and instill in them a lifelonv desire to keep moving and playing.  

Kate Battenfeld, Music Teacher

A wealth of research has proven that studying music can have a profound impact on student achievement across a range of subjects–from reading to math and more. Supported by this research, CEF believes that providing early exposure to music is critical for CUSD students.

CEF’s investments in district-wide music include:

Thanks to annual grants from CEF totaling more than $200,000 per year, the Carlsbad Unified School District has been able, since 2009-2010 and for the first time in the recent past, to hire and train the teachers needed to offer weekly vocal and instrumental music classes at all nine CUSD elementary schools. This program serves 200 classrooms and nearly 5,000 students per year.

Arts Attack! and Reflections

Students at Buena Vista are so fortunate to have a PTA that supports the arts and prioritizes it in their annual budget.  This is our second school year where, with the support of classroom teachers, our parents teach the art curriculum called ARTS ATTACK!  The lessons are well organized, use a variety of media, and are supported by DVD presentations as needed.

Art lessons are connected to the California Standards for Visual Arts and each student has multiple opportunities to learn about artists and accomplish pieces in their particular style while trying as many different mediums as possible.

The Reflections program is a statewide program that Buena Vista is participating in for the first time this year.  We look forward to seeing how our little dolphins respond to this amazing program and hope to have some art selections move on to state competition.

Computer Lab

Buena Vista Elementary School supports student learning with a computer lab that provides instructional software that supplements classroom teaching in Language Arts, Mathematics, and Science.  Using a sophisticated Computer Aided Instruction program called Success Maker, students spend time in the the computer lab working on their reading, spelling, math and science skills.  All lessons are tailored for each student's current level of ability and their speed of learning.  The Success Maker program keeps track of each student's progress and reports are printed at a regular interval to keep teachers and support staff aware of each student's progress and areas of difficulty.  These reports are then used to assist teachers in providing additional instructional assistance to students as necessary.

In addition to the Success Maker program, students are also provided with instruction in using computers for research in completing school assignments.  They also learn how to  use various word processing and presentation software to prepare reports.

Younger students are introduced to using computers for education and leisure activities through access to online educational software such as Starfall and Disney Playhouse which is designed especially for children in lower age groups.